The PhD Octopus: William James points out that we left Europe precisely to get away from a system based on titles. Ironically, it is making a big comeback in the new world. Wonder what he would think about it now: The PhD Octopus.

Classic papers in neuroscience. Is it me, or were writing standards higher back then?

A frog hunts on land by vision. He escapes enemies mainly by seeing them. His eyes do not move, as do ours, to follow prey, attend suspicious events, or search for things of interest… The frog does not seem to see or, at any rate, is not concerned with the detail of stationary parts of the world around him. He will starve to death surrounded by food if it is not moving. His choice of food is determined only by size and movement.”

Odes to a bygone era. Worth reading, closely. Particularly those who are joining just now.

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