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A primer on the science of sleep

I’ve written about sleep and the need to sleep and how sleep is measured before, but in order to foster our #citizenscience efforts at NYU, I want to bring accessible and actionable pieces on the science of sleep together in one place, here. 1. How … Continue reading

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Meet the netmonger – could it be you?

Netmongers (Excerpt from “Advice for a modern investigator”, chapter 5. Elsevier Press, 2011) The most striking observation regarding this category is that it was entirely absent in the 1898 edition of this book. Meanwhile, it has become by far the … Continue reading

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In the footsteps of Theodore Roosevelt

The US is at a crossroads. Strong leadership is necessary. What kind? We can look to Theodore Roosevelt for inspiration. Also: Don’t forget the brothers of the cosine. Continue reading

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What you should do

It actually doesn’t happen that infrequently that students seek me out for advice on this very question – what should they do with their life? I’m usually happy to oblige, but there is now sufficient data (including long term feedback), … Continue reading

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Coming to the US of A – 10 years on

I find it hard to believe, but ten years ago today, I arrived in the US for the very first time. I find it worth reflecting on this – personally quite meaningful and memorable – anniversary. And I do remember … Continue reading

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