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You really do need to sleep right

Two years ago, I wrote extensively why getting sufficient sleep is crucial to a good life and how to go about getting establishing sufficient levels of quality and quantity. Since then,  the situation has – if anything – gotten even … Continue reading

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On the importance of consistent mapping

The problem I’m about to write about has been persisting for quite a while and I thought Google would have fixed it by now. Alas, no such luck, thus far. In a nutshell, we have been aware of the extreme … Continue reading

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PSA: Your “sleep monitor” is probably anything but

As the “quantified self” (probably ill-named) movement gains steam, all kinds of apps that purport to measure important physiological parameters that are related to health gain popularity. In principle, this development is to be welcomed, as individual lifestyle and metabolism … Continue reading

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Meditations on the proper handling of pigs

Popular wisdom is not short on advice on how to handle pigs. This goes back to at least biblical times, which counseled that one  should Neither cast ye your pearls before swine. Matthew, 7:6. The point here is that the … Continue reading

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A video says much more than a thousand words – rapid communication of scientific concepts via the “Podster”, a historic waystation towards a truly dynamic presentation surface

Background The efficient communication of complex scientific concepts at an academic conference poses a challenge that is as old as it is formidable. The use of dynamic visual stimuli and intricate experimental designs have exacerbated the problems associated with this … Continue reading

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What you should do

It actually doesn’t happen that infrequently that students seek me out for advice on this very question – what should they do with their life? I’m usually happy to oblige, but there is now sufficient data (including long term feedback), … Continue reading

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Gas warfare: Could it be Inulin?

The fact that fiber aids in digestive health, heart health, and regulates blood sugar levels, to say nothing of potential benefits for weight control are becoming increasingly well known in the general public. In addition, these benefits are extremely well … Continue reading

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Circadian synesthesia: Light therapy seen (heard?) in new light

Therapy with extremely bright light (10,000+ lux) has been known for a long time to bring about remarkably strong and – if done right – remarkably positive effects. It can “cure” Seasonal Affective Disorder (aptly named SAD), as well as … Continue reading

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What is the true cost of attending SfN?

This post marks a transition from the thematically focused and daily “official” SfN reporting to a thematically broader and more relaxed posting schedule. As a matter of fact, it has been more than a few days since the last one. … Continue reading

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How physically taxing is SfN? Quite a bit!

Oh the daze of the post-SfN haze. If you did what I did, and feel like I feel, you can probably relate to this. The intensity of this particular pilgrimage is legendary. Having just come back from it, I can … Continue reading

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Food for thought

I am starting to get really psyched about the upcoming meeting of the minds. The 40th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience should be an epic event, in every sense of that term. However, it is important to note that we … Continue reading

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