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On the importance of consistent mapping

The problem I’m about to write about has been persisting for quite a while and I thought Google would have fixed it by now. Alas, no such luck, thus far. In a nutshell, we have been aware of the extreme … Continue reading

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Neurotycho – A farewell to an old man

Tycho Brahe was once a Danish Nobleman. Do not think that I am very much impressed by that as a title of nobility, but it meant a lot to Brahe. He cared nothing for nobility itself, in fact he disliked … Continue reading

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The shining city

The city of light was attacked by the forces of darkness, but the lights prevailed. Beaming brighter than ever. Encouraging. Perhaps reason and virtue will prevail after all, checking the barbarians at the gate as well as subduing the barbarians … Continue reading

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In the footsteps of Theodore Roosevelt

The US is at a crossroads. Strong leadership is necessary. What kind? We can look to Theodore Roosevelt for inspiration. Also: Don’t forget the brothers of the cosine. Continue reading

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An open letter to Zipcar: Your ad campaign lacks balls

Dear Zipcar, as you know, I have been a happy member for years. The concept simply makes a lot of sense, so please make every effort to get the word out. I know you believe your marketing to be edgy. You … Continue reading

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