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Vector projections

Hopefully, this will clear up some confusions regarding vector projections onto basis vectors.   Via Matlab, powered by @pascallisch          

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Data were analyzed using Matlab…

It is important to use the right tools for a given job. Science is no exception. In particular, given the vast amounts of data that are now routinely encountered in the field, one will want to use the best available … Continue reading

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In eigener Sache: The attractor structure of logarithmic iterations in the complex plane

I decided to post my explorations in empirical mathematics on arXiv. This was done in the same spirit as the work that led to the Eagleman prize back in 2006. At some point, I will have to prettify the plots … Continue reading

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Human tool use: Matlab

Did I mention that I love Matlab? The majority of labs in our field employ Matlab for data analysis. This is not necessarily the case for other fields like business (which seems to favor Excel), the social sciences (which seem … Continue reading

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Matlab with Pascal: How to get stuff done, using Matlab

One of the biggest threats to my (and I suspect everyone’s) productivity is the very existence of the Internet. This is not particularly surprising, as the large amount of freely available information practically guarantees that something new and interesting will … Continue reading

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