SfN 2010: Sunday, Day 2. Another day in (Neuroscience) paradise.

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Summary: Another beautiful day in paradise, another busy day at SfN.

I spent most of my morning at the posters of two Theme D sessions: Visual Cognition, Attention & Decision Making I and Vision: Spatial Attention. Most notable: The social cohesion in my field is amazing. Virtually all the people who came to my own poster (session) yesterday are now at these sessions. It is always the usual suspects.

For the rest of the morning, I caught the tail end of the “Multisensory interactions” nanosymposium, mostly the synesthesia talks. Eagleman was excellent as usual. At the very end of that session something quite strange happened: The speaker just simply didn’t show up. No one knew where he was. The moderator had no choice but to dismiss the session early. I have seen people cancel due to illness or volcanoes before, or even send a substitute (coauthor) speaker. But I have never witnessed a flat out no-show for a talk (this does happen for posters).

I spent the lunch break at UCSD, visiting the lab of a friend.

Most of the afternoon, I was attending a symposium on cortical plasticy and its limits.

The rest of the PM session was spent at the motion posters, where one again encounters virtually the same people as in the previous two poster sessions I attended. The social correlation in my field is high.

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