Pascal’s Pensees was chosen as one of the official SfN 2010 blogs!

Earlier today, it was announced that this blog was selected to cover Theme D: “Sensory and Motor Systems” at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Society of Neuroscience in San Diego later this year. I do thank the committee for this honor and recognize the tremendous responsibility that is associated with this choice. This year, there are 3260 presentations in complex D, so there is plenty of ground to cover. I am also keenly aware that there is a dearth of posts on this still rather young blog. However, I intend to  decisively change this in the next few weeks leading up to SfN (and beyond). Ideally, this will become some sort of “embedded” journalism in action.

We truly do live in exciting times…

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3 Responses to Pascal’s Pensees was chosen as one of the official SfN 2010 blogs!

  1. dumptruck says:

    Pascal, why do you call yourself ‘Lascap’? Shouldn’t it be ‘Lacsap’?

    • Lascap says:

      I suppose, but that would sound awkward, no? To be clear, the “Lascap” thing dates back to at least 1986. Also, judging from the web, I’m not the only Pascal who is doing that…

  2. NeuroJoy says:

    Congratulations, Pascal! I will miss most of the conference so I look forward to following the highlights through this blog.

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