SfN 2010: Wednesday, Day 5. Judgment day

The sun is setting on SfN 2010

First a brief preview of how my last day will unfold, if everything goes to plan.

I will spend most of the morning at the minisymposium on Synesthesia. Synesthesia has already been a hot topic at this meeting, but this should be a worthy closer. Session 720, Room 29D. I intend to spend the rest of the morning at the theme D posters (sessions 773 to 791,  poster boards FF7 to AAA1).

I will then retreat in order to prepare for our poster presentation in the PM. You should consider checking it out: Presentation 912.6, poster board LLL67. First of all, I am presenting on things that are in many ways much more “high level” than I usually do, at this meeting. Second, the entire session seems interesting. The guys on the neighboring boards will be presenting on amputation desire, the ratio of white to gray matter in musicians, neuroanatomical correlates of high creativity, HIV psychosis, the value of freedom, among many others.

So I will conclude the meeting in the same way I started it: Presenting. I appreciate the symmetry. Then getting my stuff from the hotel and going to the airport to take the red eye home. And that’s it.

On a deeper level, some considerations arise with the dawning of the last SfN day.

The first one would be:

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After establishing this, we should perhaps look for the underlying mechanism that drives these judgments. Obvious to me seems this one:

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Obviously there are others, but I’ll leave it at that. In any case, one thing is clear to me: This meeting went by way too fast.

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