The arrival of truly mobile computing

Truly mobile computing

There is a well established correlation between physical fitness and long term health outcomes. In particular, lack of activity seems to shorten lifespan while daily moderate activity seems to extend it dramatically. In other words, I don’t care how much of a nerd you are, if you don’t get your 10,000 steps/day in, I foresee a premature death in your future, and I don’t even need precognition for that. The scary thing is that it is not only activity that is good, but also the lack of activity that is bad – overall sitting time is quite correlated with all cause mortality. Naturally, there are dissenting opinions, particularly regarding cognitive side effects. For instance, there is a pervasive literature establishing that extraordinary physical exertion lowers visual acuity.

Regardless, the question is how to get those 10,000 steps/day (about 5 miles) in, without losing too much valuable time. Given our typically sedentary lifestyle, this amounts to about an extra hour of walking. Where to take it from?

Luckily, the future has just arrived. Let me be clear: We all have plenty of papers to read. There is absolutely no reason, nor is there an excuse to do this while sitting around.

Just load up “papers” on your iPad, and be done with it. If you construct a simple mount, that is. As I did a while ago. It works beautifully. And I am now getting my 10,000 steps/day. As confirmed by the Bodybugg. Measurement is essential.

So happy walking/reading. And don’t let the detractors get to you: Link.

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